15 Mar 2023
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Organize your gala evening in Marrakech and have a good time with your collaborators. Tendencia has designed for you themed evenings adapted to the party city. The nightlife of Marrakech, often compared to the Las Vegas of Africa, offers a variety of options and entertainment for all tastes. Explore our selection of exclusive themes, such as The Great Gatsby Party, Jamâa Elfna Square Party, Marrakech Carnival Party, or Marrakech Laughter Party… After a day of seminar or activity in the hinterland of Marrakech, Tendencia invites you to celebrate the success of your event during a theme gala evening.

Experience the Magic of 1001 Nights in Marrakech’s Palmeraie

Discover the unique experience of 1001 Nights party in the legendary Palmeraie of Marrakech, just 15 minutes away from the city center. Tendencia Events & Travel, a leading MICE agency, offers you a plethora of options, tools, and most importantly, ideas to make your gala evening an unforgettable moment.

In the 12th century, the Almoravid rulers created the Palmeraie of Marrakech. At that time, some species of palm trees were venerated as symbols of life and fertility. Cultures were diverse, and the density of trees helped to protect against the heat.

Produced and designed by Tendencia Events & Travel, a customized nomadic tent village will be erected exclusively for your gala evening under the theme of the 1001 Nights. Tribal dances, quadraphonic sound, nocturnal discussions, and hot mint tea until the stars go out!

Example of tent types:

Nomadic Tents: Bedouin camp spirit, brown tents woven from goat and camel hair. The interior of the tents is lined with yellow or white Haïks (Berber blankets) sewn with shiny silver coins.

Caïdales Tents: More sophisticated and urban, tents used by Caïds in the Moroccan tradition. White canvas with black motifs, the interior stretched with traditional fabric, usually green, yellow, and red.

Sanitary facilities: Chemical toilets housed under small white Caïdales-type tents + traditional sinks in front of toilet tents.

Examples of dinner entertainment:

-Blue men holding blazing torches will form an honor guard to welcome guests from the bus to the entrance of the bivouac.

-Folkloric groups: Kalaa Megouna – Gnaouas – Dekka Marrakchia & Zaïanes for the reception in an immense “folk festival” filled with sounds and colors, then under the tents to punctuate dinner.

-Henna tattoo artists during dinner

-Dromedaries (for decoration and camp ride)

-Women for preparation and cooking of Berber bread

-Fantasia riders in ceremonial attire for the reception

-Astronomical evening for stargazing

3 Rooftop Evening in Marrakech by Carriage – A Unique and Eco-Friendly Experience

Rooftops Night Tour in Marrakech by Horse-drawn Carriage

In another wild and completely offbeat concept, Tendencia invites you to tour the city’s most famous rooftops by horse-drawn carriage: 3 courses – 3 rooftops – 3 atmospheres!

A unique and environmentally friendly experience through which you will have the opportunity to discover the city’s nightlife differently. Customized carriages with the company logo, a culinary booklet presenting the 3 courses to be enjoyed at each stage, 3 different atmospheres and entertainment, 3 neighborhoods of Marrakech famous for their vibrant nightlife, personalized drink tickets.

Don’t miss out on these two unique experiences for your next MICE trip to Marrakech with Tendencia Events & Travel.

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