15 Mar 2023
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Marrakech Team Building corporates? options and trends.
In Marrakech the real sun comes out, the shadow hides under the walls, red in hard earth, everywhere the same color, the same perfume, the same smell, Marrakech, the pearl of the south”, this magnificent Moroccan city is one of the most visited in the country. Located at the crossroads of the Sahara and the High Atlas, the idyllic place to organize your Seminar or Incentive with a trendy and suitable Team Building activity.

1.Rythm team, marrakech musical team building

The participants enter into a form of non-verbal communication where energy has its place. Thus, we put all the people present in relation to each other through the collective construction of a melodic percussion. This activity, in addition to its power to weld the group together, also brings real body relaxation and a lot of fun to share.

– Body music workshop
15 min: participants will use their hands, feet, voices and whole body to produce wild rhythms, make their bodies sound like real instruments and give their first body percussion concert together.

– Percussion workshop:
60 min: Drums Team Immersion in the fascinating world of rhythm and percussion through a fun and energizing teaching method based on the pleasure of playing, connecting with oneself, listening and belonging to the group.

– Anthem Workshop:
60/90 min: What if the history and values of your company were the subject of a song, a song that explicitly expresses the memory and heritage of your company? On request, the finale can be recorded in our professional studio. It is also recommended that you extend the adventure by making a clip video so that this memorable experience can be shared and listened to again afterwards, as a souvenir of a great moment!

2.Corporates survivors challenge

Personal involvement, coordination and leadership are the essential elements that guarantee the survival of a group in a difficult situation. Test your co-workers in a real survival situation where they will feel more united. Become true survivors by taking up the various challenges of this Team Building in Marrakech special Competition and challenges in the hotel gardens, or in real forest.

You will have to win sports events, reflections and addresses accessible to all. These challenges will be carried out in teams and you will be able to create a real cohesion between co-workers divided into tribes on the theme of survival.

A challenge between collaborators inspired by the famous TV show Koh lanta divided into tribes the teams must compete and face each other through friendly activities based on the theme of survival, accessible to all levels!

3.Team building marrakech enigma city challenge

The Enigma City Challenge, which can be held in any city, is an innovative exploration rally in the heart of local sites (Medinas, souks, Kasbah . . . ). During which, teams compete against each other around puzzles to solve, clues to collect, orientation tests with geo-localized pads to try to find the place of the ultimate test before the others!

The participants are divided into teams, and must complete a fun and orientated course. . .
The teams will have to arm themselves with intelligence, logic and a little luck to win the maximum number of points. . .

With this game, you will not only have the opportunity to strengthen the cohesion of your team, but you will be able to adapt to the specificities and goals of a team building: challenge, team spirit, creativity, fun. . . But also discover the culture and historical sites of the city,

It’s a cocktail of tourism, team building and technology for those who don’t have time to do toursim! This Team Building concept is adaptable to all cities in Morocco!

4.Culinary team building,the tanjia by chef moha

Take a journey of flavors, and give taste to your Team Building corporates. Indeed with this activity supervised by an internationally renowned chef and native of the city of Marrakech the Chef Moha .
During the activity, our experienced chef is present to mentor, give advice, taste and rate!

The dish to prepare: the Tanjia Marrakchia:
It is the culinary specialty of Marrakech Two things we know for sure about the Tanjia: its name comes from the clay jar in which it is traditionally prepared, and it is a dish prepared by men for men.
Traditionally the dish is cooked for long hours in the ashes of public ovens.
This concept is characterized by its fun side and the creativity interval left for each team which, gives as a result dishes out of the norm!

This Team Building can be perfectly combined with a visit to the souks during the Enigma city Challenge to buy ingredients. It can complete it, and the stages of the city challenge will be oriented towards the second Culinary Team Building: The Tanjia by chef Moha
This culinary Team Building concept is adaptable to all cities in Morocco !

5.Team building marrakech detective

A murder was made in the city and the police unable to solve this case. You are part of detectives!

As she does not manage to solve murder, she hired you to help her. Your mission consists in discovering the name, the first name of the murderer as well as the murder weapon. Tendencia events and Travel, implicates you in a police adventure in a reflexion Team Building concept and tactical games, which asks for a big cohesion, intelligence and of course team spirit!

The ideal playground remains the medina of Marrakech by the place Jamaa Elfna or the kasbah district by the Agnaou gate or the gueliz by Bab Doukala gate.
This activity perfectly combines the discovery of the chosen urban space and team cohesion.
This Team Building concept is adaptable to all cities and urban space in Morocco!

6.Team building kondicha the countess of marrakech

“Kondicha the Countess of Marrakech”, the masterpiece by the writer Bouih El Berhoumi El Idrissi was the source of inspiration for our Team Building tactical games by Tendencia The Spy Game. An exclusive concept that exists nowhere else.. Only at Tendencia Events & Travel.

Kondicha Lalla Aïcha is a female character, either mythical or historical, very well known in Morocco. She is a woman who really existed who would have opposed the Portuguese colonization of Morocco. Her legend is widespread among nomadic and semi-nomadic peoples.

The principle and aim of the game is simple: The city is in panic because a Portuguese soldier has taken innocent hostages in hermetically closed rooms spread over different parts of the city. In order to unmask Kondicha. Your mission is to come to his aid in apprehending this war criminal.

It’s only by walking around that you discover the city. The further you walk, the more clues about the combination of lock numbers you’ll find.
Always taking into consideration the fact that Kondicha circulates in the city and will be able to help you solve the puzzles. She haunts lonely places looking for stray collars.
This Team Building concept is adaptable to all cities in Morocco !

Carriage Rally: Gardens and Ramparts

As part of a timed competition . . . Go on a rally in a horse-drawn carriage, a unique means of locomotion used to go along the ramparts and contemplate the extraordinary gardens of Marrakech.
Since 1912, the Marrakechis living in the old city have been using it daily to criss-cross the districts that are difficult to reach by car.

It is a journey through time and a rudimentary but very picturesque way to discover the hidden faces of Marrakech the Red city.
The rally will take place in the form of a treasure hunt, each carriage will be occupied by a team of 4 or 5 people to whom we will give a logbook containing game rules and a city map.

Competitors will first have to pass a navigation test, Blue Men (animators dressed in Tuareg) will be installed at specific points on the way to check teams passage and give them the clues allowing them to complete the next stages as well as questions about the monument or sites where they will be.

– Les Jardins de la Menara: on the road to Marrakech airport, with the Atlas Mountains as a backdrop, the work of the Almohads where bundles of canals converge on a huge basin. We will also visit a charming little Alaouite pavilion with a green tiled roof.
– The Ramparts of Marrakech: Imposing red colored ramparts, erected at the beginning of the 12th century, encircle the imperial city of Marrakech. Their size suggests the importance of the city at that time. Stretching over 19km, equipped with 202 towers and adorned with 9 beautiful and majestic gates, these stone walls seem to blaze in the setting sun.
– Les Jardins de Majorelle: located in the north-east of the new city of Guéliz, is an enchanting place, Bougainvillea, coconut palms, banana trees and bamboos. Louis Majorelle, decorator and cabinetmaker and his son Jacques, painter, created this place in the 1920s and built a large workshop, pergolas and arbors entirely covered in a disconcerting bright blue. Left abandoned after the painter’s death in 1962, the property was restored a few years ago by the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent.
– optional: Tea break, Orange Juice and Moroccan pastries served at the Moorish café in the Majorelle garden.

7.Above marrakech palm grove on a hot air balloon

Fly over the palm grove of Marrakech in a hot air balloon and live a unique experience, a glass of champagne on board to water your incentive and all this while admiring the sunrise.
Only one hour from the famous Jemaa El Fna square, the hot-air balloon becomes a time machine: during the flight, we will discover the fabulous contrast between the city and the surrounding countryside.

A few kilometers and 2000 years separate us from Marrakech. Departure from the hotel very early in the morning.
Transfer by 4×4 to the take-off point.
The flight lasts about an hour depending on the weather conditions.
A snack at the inhabitant’s house in one of the villages overflown.
Return by the tracks and arrival at the hotel around noon.
A unique experience!

8.Buggy mini raid in agafay desert or lalla takerkouste lake

Imminent departure for the discovery of new horizons aboard unusual and fun machines!
Indeed, the team building buggy sport has as main objective & to increase the team spirit. . . Hair in the wind and sunglasses on the nose, the mini buggy raid gives rise to moments of camaraderie and friendly moments to share all together . . .

In addition to this you will have the chance to contemplate and admire breathtaking scenery. Adrenaline and escape are the day key on this sporting trip. . .
Supervised by professional Rally drivers, through the High Atlas Mountains on the edge of Lake Lalla Takerkouste or the desert near Marrakech, the Agafay Desert!

Insurances: civil liability and individual accident insurance.
Supplies: helmets, hoods, glasses, and k-way if it rains.

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