Tendencia Secures Exclusive Franchise for International Team Building “Catalyst” in Morocco 🌟

13 Nov 2023
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Tendencia Secures Exclusive Franchise for International Team Building “Catalyst” in Morocco 🌟

We are thrilled to announce that Tendencia, your preferred partner in MICE organization in Morocco, has recently secured the exclusive franchise for Catalyst in our country. Catalyst, a global leader in designing and executing innovative team-building activities, now provides us with the opportunity to offer you unique experiences to strengthen your teams. Through this new collaboration, we guarantee unforgettable events tailored to your specific needs and rooted in the cultural richness of our magnificent country.

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Expanding International Reach and Expertise at Your Service

The Catalyst TeamBuilding network is now the most extensive worldwide. With representatives present in over 90 countries, Catalyst not only offers in-depth local knowledge but also benefits from readily available expertise wherever you are. Whether you are planning a series of events across multiple regions or a single event in a specific location worldwide, Catalyst TeamBuilding can meet your needs. Providing comprehensive and tailored programs, along with offices, equipment, and staff worldwide, Catalyst can adapt to the specific requirements of multinational organizations. Moreover, Catalyst ensures that its products are offered at competitive rates without compromising quality standards.

Tendencia and Catalyst: An Exceptional Alliance for Unforgettable Adventures in Morocco

The merger of Catalyst, an internationally renowned entity, with our in-depth knowledge of Morocco guarantees unforgettable events. Your teams will strengthen bonds and develop essential skills while exploring Moroccan cultural diversity. With Tendencia and Catalyst, expect thrilling and enriching moments. Morocco offers an ideal setting for unique experiences, from bustling souks to breathtaking landscapes. Our customized approach adapts to your business needs, maintaining quality at competitive rates. Prepare for a transformative Team Building adventure.

Unique Team Building Experiences!!

Through our unique team-building activities, we offer memorable experiences to enhance your team’s cohesion.

1. In “Beat the Box,” your collaborators are divided into teams with a mysterious mission. Each team must solve a series of puzzles to decrypt a secret code and defuse a metal box with a countdown, creating an exciting atmosphere of competition and collaboration.

2. With “Chain Reaction Table Top,” participants are divided into teams and must choose a mechanism model to build from idea cards. Each team builds a series of simple mechanisms, then connects them to create a spectacular chain reaction, highlighting the importance of smooth communication and precise coordination.

3. Finally, “iBuild” focuses on interdepartmental communication and collaboration, with each participant playing a vital role in their team’s success. They work together to build a model from simple elements, following a defined strategy within a limited time, reinforcing the importance of coordination. These activities are designed to enrich your teams while creating lasting memories and strengthening your company’s cohesion.

And Much More + Over 170 Concepts Proven Worldwide…

Reinvent Your Corporate Events

Seize this unique opportunity to reinvent your corporate events. Tendencia is ready to guide you in creating customized team-building programs, fostering your teams’ solidarity, and celebrating Morocco’s cultural diversity. Contact us now to explore exciting new perspectives for your corporate events. 🇲🇦

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