Our latest event: Tangier spy game – a tactical team building while discovering the city sights

17 Feb 2023
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Our latest event: Tangier spy game – a tactical team building while discovering the city sights

Here are the highlights of this tactical Urban Game through the beautiful medina of Tangier organized this week at Fairmont Tangier.

Our team building program called Spy Game has been specially designed for companies looking for a real human adventure in a team spirit of exchange, cohesion and challenge. Realizable on all the cities of Morocco and using new technologies!

Play detectives role to solve a murder?! Don’t worry, it’s just virtual.

Participate in our exciting Team Building activity Tangier Spy Game and solve a crime mystery! Using your tablet, explore Tangier, including its fascinating old Medina and Kasbah, looking for clues.

Activity is played in teams with personalized team names and different colored armbands for each team distinguishing each team from the other, each team will have to choose their leader who will make the final decision by wielding the tablet, however the rest of the team able to have an overview of his team mouvements from their personal smartphones by scanning a QR code that will be provided.

Tendencia will provide teams with the necessary material and documents for this activity (List of suspects with their photos, list of suspected murder weapons and of course the tablet where everything happens that will guide you through a map to the activity key points)

Analyze your map and make a good team strategy

By unlocking new areas, you can discover more clues, missions and witnesses. You will also be able to collect money to buy additional clues from witnesses that appear on the tablet map.

Once you are sure of your charges, go to the nearest police station, which will appear on your tablet map, and announce your discovery.

If another competing team is within range of you on the map in your game circle, you can even spy on them to gather clues they don’t have.

The first team to announce the murderer’s first and last name and the murder weapon at the police station will receive bonus points!


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