22 Nov 2019
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Historically known as the city of spies, Tangier was the source of inspiration for our Team Building out of the box by Tendencia “The Spy Game” which is an exclusive concept that exists nowhere else but at Tendencia Events & Travel.

The principle and purpose of the game is simple: The city is in panic because a rabid criminal has taken innocent people hostage in hermetically sealed rooms in different places.

Each team has its own character. Can easily recognize his character on the map thanks to the red circle around him. This is the action circle. It is only by walking that you discover the city. The more you walk, the more clues you’ll find about combination of lock numbers.

These rooms can only be opened by solving a brain-teaser or puzzle that provides the combination of lock numbers. As a crime fighter, participants or spies have the task of releasing as many hostages as possible within 120 minutes they are also required to visit all sites with a particular color in order to solve puzzles.

Always taking into consideration that Tangier was the historic city of spies, you can spy on your opponents a number of times during the game in order to steal the informations they found.
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Leila Slimani Novelist, Journalist, Women's Rights Advocate
Tahar Ben Jelloun Author, Poet, Social Commentator
Fatima Mernissi Feminist Scholar, Sociologist, Author
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