30 May 2019
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Tendencia Events & Travel is the specialist number 1 in Tangier and northern Tangier of LED rental for corporates event. 
Our technicians assist you and guide you in your project achievement,. Our team of engineers is involved in the design and oversight of all the steps of the screen set up, choice of design set up and staging, options hanging choice of screen, management system and content, creation of Led ambiances.

The giant led screen, also called; large format led screen, large led screen, led display screen, full-day led screen, outdoor led screen, indoor led screen etc .., is composed of millions see billions of light emitting diodes commonly called led lamps. The led display screen allows you to make very large screens (from 1.50m² to 10 000m² and more).

The size, the resistance, the longevity, the strong luminosity, the absence of reflection, the number of colors, the visibility (140 °), the management of the contents in real time make of the giant screen led your best tool of communication by the image.
Inaugural Ceremony, Theme Dinner, Team Building, Seminar, Product Launch. Event organizers in Tangier are looking and using this technology. The studies carried out with our partners showed after the led display screen use during an event, 75% of attendees remember the broadcast message.

Leila Slimani Novelist, Journalist, Women's Rights Advocate
Tahar Ben Jelloun Author, Poet, Social Commentator
Fatima Mernissi Feminist Scholar, Sociologist, Author
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