15 Jan 2020
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Dakhla very popular Team building / Incentive destination. A piece of paradise in the depths of the Moroccandesert. At the edge of the Atlantic, the city of Dakhla is located on a 40 km long peninsula which forms the bay of Rio de Oro. True peace haven between desert, lagoon and ocean, in harmony this place is real poetry. Dakhla is a breath of fresh air.

Dakhla is the ideal spot for organizing your Incentive Corporates under a 25-degree sun throughout the year. In addition, the destination has a convention center and an airport with international standards for medium-sized
MICE projects.

In Dakhla you can do many kinds of water and extreme sports, or you can simply contemplate the beauty of nature and the rare birds that are regular visitors of the lagoon. Furthermore, which says desert, says bedouin bivouacs and eco-lodges and also says relaxation and rest.

In Dakhla you can visit:

The White Dune

It is basically a giant sand dune that sits in the middle of a lagoon. When the tide goes down, the water recedes and there is a huge area of ​​land. When the tide rises, it surrounds this dune but does not rise further. A little strange but rather cool! It is also an excellent
place to observe migratory birds.

The Imlili desert

About 100 km south of Dakhla is the Imlili desert. Called sebkha’s, there are 160 natural saltwater pools that exist in the middle of this desert area. In addition, there are small saltwater fish that live in these water holes. Nearby, there are also freshwater wells thatattract breeders and wildlife. It is incredibly interesting to see.

Dakhla’s ostrich farm

Not very far from the city, there is an atypical farm where the Dakhla ostriches are raised. It is a very popular local curiosity. A total of more than 300 representatives of the largest common bird species are bred there.

The most surprising part of the visit formany is seeing an ostrich egg. The latter measures a dozen centimeters an
impressive size whose content represents about twenty chicken eggs.

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